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From now on, Happy Bridge Kindergarten of Shanghai is beginning to accept admissions for children 2-6 years old.
Hope everyone registration!
Please contact:

Tel:(86) 021-6223-8870
Mobile: 138-1610-9469 / 133-3187-9212 Vivian



Many children from Rabbit class took holidays
in August, but the ones that stayed in
kindergarten had a lot of fun. In English classes
they learned about fruits and vegetables and
discovered what animals like to eat. They made
lions, ladybugs and pizzas in art classes and
refined their cutting and tracing skills. Children
also enjoyed swimming days that we had twice a


Another fantastic month for Giraffe Class!! This
month we have continued to build up our vocab by
learning 'happy' and 'sad,' colours, fruits and
greetings. All of the kids' pronunciation has
improved out of sight and they are now capable of
saying a range of English words on command. We
have worked a lot on our classroom structure and
manners by introducing a lunchtime song and waiting
for everyone to sit down before eating. We also say
'slowly' and 'quietly' before we walk downstairs and
outside to play! In art class we have started to create
a fruit tree to help the kids remember our new vocab –
so far we have painted red apples! Further, the new
kids have settled in very well and are already starting
to make friends .


This month has been a fun, with lots of great activities
happening each day !Each week has a special theme
which helps guide all our lessons and activities in the
classroom. . Our themes include ocean, robot! Kids had
blast learning about robot dance, playing robot themed
games to work on their English skills in phonics and hand
writing, and built a Lego robot using math skills. Students
were able to learn new English vocabulary.


It has been fun and enjoyable year for all the teachers and our
students. Sadly, it is the time to say good bye, and wish everyone
good luck wherever they go, and whatever they will be doing.
Towards the end of the month we had a pleasure to invite all parents
to participate in 'Open Day' classes. As every month we took part in
all sorts of art and craft activities. Just to name few: making
windmills, Anpanman's face, 3D landscape using clay, and also
witnessing how volcanoes work. It was such a great pleasure to see
how much our students enjoyed school time and how much they have learned.


This has been an interesting and fun month. We were
lucky to have the chance to be part of the production of an
episode of the "HuanLe BengBeng Tiao" TV show. The children
enjoyed the dances and games that were part of it as well as the
prizes some had won. We have also been having fun playing in
the water with pool days. We found out that some children
really, really love playing in the water and others are only a little
ok with just touching the water. Even so, it was enjoyable for
all who joined in the fun. We also have been working on some
fun crafts with the children while we've been reviewing their
books. This week they helped our Panda Class make some
pandas for it. They drew pandas that we affixed to some
bamboo that had been made from green paper. This month we
also had several birthdays. The group party for them was fun.

This month was very interesting in Koala class. First, we
continued swimming and have lots of fun meeting new
classmates. Then, we were a Chinese children's television
show. We did a dance and competed in a competition. We
also celebrated Elsa's birthday…YEAH! In class, we are
concentrating on conversation and phonics. Many of the
students are improving.
In August children from Hippo class learned a lot of
new words: numbers, phonics, animals, colors. We
made many art projects together, "Flower", "Fan",
"Fishbowl", "Rainbow".
The boys and girls have done a great job of adjusting
to our daily routine. We continue to review
classroom rules.
Kids can understand simple English instructions such
as wash your hands, brush your teeth, stand up, sit
We made many art projects together, "Flower", "Fan",
"Fishbowl", "Rainbow".
Kangaroo Class

August was definitely all about Fun in the sun! we had a
nice time playing in the pool for few days in a week. It
was a great way for the kids to cool down as it was too
hot on most days.
We also started doing more Science lessons in class. We
learned about the life cycle of butterflies and plants. The
kids' favourite however was our dinosaur lesson! We even
made dinosaur fossil from salt dough. The kids were
encouraged as well to design their own plants, dinosaur
and butterflies and give them defining characters.
The kids are now fully settled so August has been a
busy month in the Dolphin class. We have been
working on the weather, colours, shapes and the body.
The kids have done fantastic during lessons and have
remembered most of the vocabulary. They love art
classes so we have done numerous projects like finger
painting, colouring worksheets and making clouds.
Other things the kids have loved were swimming and
dancing outside in the mornings.

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